Slinging Hash with Laurie Lindeen

Lived by, written by, and told by Laurie Lindeen
Directed, produced, and animated by Lewie & Noah Kloster

Life’s a drag for singer/songwriter, Laurie Lindeen of Zuzu’s Petals. She works at Al’s Breakfast. One early morning she discovers success means taking high-profile tabloid interviews from the back corner of the greasy spoon diner’s kitchen.


Zuzu’s Petals

When No One’s Looking

1992; Twin/Tone Records

Zuzu’s Petals

The Music of Your Life

1994; Twin/Tone Records

Zuzu’s Petals

Kicking Our Own Asses

1994; Twin/Tone Records

Laurie Lindeen

A Pregnant Pause

1998; Redeye Distribution

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